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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Maternal Love....

Mum, I’m delving into my cherished memories,
Recalling you always comes so easily to mind.
Childhood seemed to be back in a calmer era,
Everyday life was unfussy and less was ample.
You gave of yourself without seeking rewards,
Your love was unconditional and embraced all.
Bright blue eyes which always glinted in smiles,
And a lovable personality of Irish country charm.
I loved the smell and taste of your baking days,
Chocolate puddings, your most revered expertise.
Life was homely and comfortable with your touch,
Circumstances were not always pleasant or very fair.
I never quite knew everything about who you were,
It was still that time of being seen and not heard.
Respect for elders passed through each generation,
I contemplate unanswered wonderment about you.
I recognise those songs you used to sing while busy,
You had a love for life and the gift of common sense.
Neither pretensions nor vagaries about material goods,
Strong faith was a most important possession for you.
There is an absence without you in my world of today,
But I always see you mum, reflected in my own face.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 07/05/2015
Poets United Mid-Week Motif: ‘Honouring Our Elders.’..


  1. Very vivid and beautiful imagery!

  2. Oh how lovely. I enjoyed reading this. Made me feel I can know you better as I meet your Mom. Clearly, she was a strong, dedicated woman. Nice that you see her in your own face. Thanks for this Eileen.

  3. What a great treasure in life, to have such a mother!

  4. What do we actually know about those strong practical no-frills women in our lives? I like how you tease out the information--all so essential--and point to the mystery before adding the songs. The most personal detail is the face. I love that! I see my parents in mine too.

  5. Loved this heart-felt dedication to your mom :D
    She must be so proud of you!
    Lots of love

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Eileen. Her love, personality, and talents are so very reflected in your words. The last line is poignant. Sometimes I see my mother when I look in the mirror as well.

  7. Such a wonderful feeling when a Mom is fondly remembered. The beauty is that all of the grand childhood episodes get into play! Thanks for sharing Eileen!


  8. "Childhood seemed to be back in a calmer era, / Everyday life was unfussy and less was ample."...it's really amazing how deeply we could relate to the feeling evoked here...may be because it's time that unites us in spite of the differences in our countries and cultures...beautifully penned Eileen...

  9. It's a beautiful piece, Eileen. I can see my childhood reflecting through your words.

    "Everyday life was unfussy and less was ample."...yes, wish I could get back that innocence... :-)

  10. Giving of oneself is a gift that lasts and endures...perhaps we do not need to know everything about the ones we love...just knowing that they love us unconditionally is the most important thing

  11. This is lovely. Childhood did seem calmer back then. I love this description of your wonderful mother, and love that you see her face in your own.

  12. Wonderful poem, Eileen. Your words struck a chord with me and I was so glad that I am still able to go and hug my mum and revel in her company, still learn from her experience and laugh with her about all sorts of things...

  13. Your Mother sounds like a beautiful person Eileen. She not only reflects in your face but also in your beautiful words. :-)


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