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Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, now living in Cheshire, England. I started writing poetry eight years ago, as a hobby. I have enjoyed that new venture very much. My preferences are for long and micro-form poetry styles. A first book of poetry ~ Reason Without Rhyme, was published in December 2013. A second book ~ Fifty Seven Pebbles, was published in September 2015...I am presently compiling the content for my third book. Thank you for visiting my Blog which is regularly updated. COPYRIGHT: The entire copyright and content of this Blog belongs to the author Eileen T O'Neill. Nothing should be copied, reproduced or hosted as per RSS feed by any other party. {This particularly applies to the USA company Feedspot.com} Header Photograph: Ballycastle Beach, County Antrim, Northern Ireland...

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Dual Perspectives....

Resting between two natural panoramas,
Cool North Irish coast and Cheshire plain.
Thoughts draw on many memory moments,
Family shadows collect on the seashell beach.
White topped waves just never seem to leave,
Timeless features unchanged to the local eye.
Beauty lazily trickles from The Antrim Glens,
Oil paintings capture its scenic magnificence.
A revealing coastal roadway links village life,
Ulster white limestone borders land and sea.
In the distance the outline of Scotland appears,
Then further south the English county of Cheshire.
A county for all four seasons with natural qualities,
Pleasant countryside canals weave calm waterways.
Historical mills echo a fine trade with distinctive silks,
Cheesy grins on marmalade cats embrace tourist trails.
Walkers and ramblers find new pathways to discover,
Tempting ales and country taverns offer dining delights.
From spring lambs to hazy sunny summer sightseeing,
Autumnal harvests ahead of snow swept peaks and plains.
Observing links from here to there one sees the connection,
Friendly peoples and a warmly ambience live in both places.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 20/10/2013
(Northern Ireland my birthplace and Macclesfield, Cheshire, my home)


  1. two places connected through emotions:)

  2. How vivid! It sounds like an enticing description of a travel brochure. It can really be one :)

  3. i would def be down with tempting ales and taverns....smiles....we get all four seasons here...we did not when we lived in florida...i love autumn so i would miss it...wish i had the best of bother worlds...nice to have friendly people in both places as well...

  4. Your words have given a beautiful view of of two places, Eileen. I can read in your poem your deep feeling for both Northern Ireland and Macclesfield. So much beauty, so many memories....all woven together in a poem that makes me want to visit! (Thank you also for sharing your photos with us this week!)

  5. you took us on a lovely walk. beautiful memories.

  6. Such a lovely description of these places, makes me wish to travel there. Beautiful Eileen!

  7. Oh very nice Eileen. Great imagery. Love the cat references. :<)

  8. This is so lovely Eileen--thank you for letting us see through your eyes for a bit

  9. Oh if I had money, time and energy, how I would love to walk through all you describe. But I have none of them:) so I am happy I get to enjoy them through your poetry. Thanks, Eileen. I especially love the cheesy grins on marmalade cats - a stroke of brilliance!

  10. I want to go there - NOW! :)

    This was such a gorgeous ode to what sounds like a lovely lovely place, Eileen.

  11. beautiful... a painted with broad brushstrokes through words!

  12. Eileen,
    I felt I was right there with you.
    I have been to Scotland in 2007 and hope to go back someday.

    Beautiful imagery in your poem.
    So enjoyed this poem.
    Thank you.

  13. Eileen, sorry I've been away... depression et al. This calmed me in the way my mother's hand smoothing the hair off my forehead did years back. I'm Irish but have never "trod the sod," although my soul longs to make the journey. How blessed you are to have the best of both worlds! Peace, Amy

  14. "Cheesy grins on marmalade cats embrace tourist trails...." Thank you for sharing the natural scenic beauty in your lovely poetic voice, Eileen.

  15. Beautiful descriptions and such a beautiful imagery. Not been there but a pull factor seems to work and might just come to reality. Nicely Eileen!


  16. Heartfelt and wonderful Eileen. Your words always make me think. I am officially a follower now :)

  17. Eileen
    Had you on my mind so came by to say "hi" and wish you a wonderful day.
    It's the most glorious fall day here and I have my kids and granddaughter coming for dinner so I am a happy girl.

    Be well and I send good wishes, always.



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