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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Monsieur Samuel Beckett....

If only it were possible to locate this fine Irishman,
Draw back time with enviable conversation à deux.
A prolific writer born with such riches of creativity,
His depthful cognisance adds detail to humour.
Murphy and Molloy lived within such construction,
Characters sculpted by twists and turns of phrase.
Maudlin moments absorbed into the environment,
As frequently as his canny sense of witty Irish humour.
He toiled longingly with his God of life and dark death,
Waiting for Godot extolled philosophical considerations.
Beckett lavished attention upon language manipulation,
Swiftly fashioning or embedding many poetic peculiarities.
Expression nestled deeply inside the circumstances he lived,
Woven tightly and held in tensile stitches of laughter or woe.
His novels cling to the mind and refuse to be rested for long,
Engaging wisdom permeates the consciousness of this day.
His retiring Francophile taste buds whetted by later ambience,
An endearing Tailpiece simply notes finality for Watt or Mr Knott.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 10/10/2013
Poets United Prompt: Verse First ~ Writers are Lovers
My love for words of the Irish writer Samuel Beckett….


  1. A lovely tribute, Eileen. I like your new blog look.

  2. A wonderful poem about a famous Irish poet. Well done, Eileen! I most love "expression nestled deeply inside the circumstances he lived". Awesome!

  3. i am honestly not very familiar with samuel beckett...i will have to rectify that...i like a good phrase twist...and engaging wisdom, so...smiles.

  4. not familiar with his poetry but am, familiar with the works of the Theater of the absurd. Beckett A good choice indeed

  5. You definitely have whetted my interest in Samuel Beckett, Eileen!

  6. Eileen, I do know of Samuel Beckett and your poem is wonderful.
    You are truly a fan!

    I want to also thank you for the kind words today on my poem.
    Always my utmost pleasure to read your poetry and visit you.
    A joy to know you, really :)

  7. The only Beckett I know is Godot, so it seems I'm missing much. Your admiration and familiarity with him shine in every word. Now, I have to find his poems!

  8. And besides all that - what a wonderful face the man had! http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02177/Samuel_Beckett_2177862b.jpg


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