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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Green Lamp....

A strong bout of envy sent them reeling,
Twisting and turning with hatred in mind.
Seething between gritted teeth of steel,
Thick as thieves within their consonance.
Greed and spitefulness drove their actions,
Legalities placed them in echelons of power.
Pieces of tarnished silver and tired antiquities,
Pre-occupied moves between here and there.
Tying up loose ends and bolting down padlocks,
Relativity had lost its relevance and connection.
A discoloured frame held younger years in view,
Its static reverence attuned to passing spectators.
Few chattels gathered into dusty nooks and corners,
Shadows scattered by memories of the green lamp.

 ©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 21/05/2014
Poet’s United Midweek Motif: The Colour Green


  1. "Relativity had lost its relevance and connection" I really loved this line Eileen. Oh the dark path that envy and greed lead us down...

  2. The green-eyed monster rages, but smiles on the street. Not an unfamiliar trope. I wonder if anyone really gets pleasure from such ill-gotten gains? A powerful look into the shadow, Eileen. Thanks for participating today. We've missed you.

  3. After many years I hope that the essence of all battles lose all kind of meaning..and so are no longer fought..i wonder if we ever can..the green light held above and throughout this piece is almost palpable

  4. Such a glorious green photo on your banner! Love it. Love the poem too, with such a marvelous closing line.

  5. I found this quite chilling and a bit alarming, but i loved how you captured the road of envy.

  6. It is so very sad when envy enters into the picture and drives a wedge into relationships.

  7. Well written words on a subject that can be so divisive.
    Bravo, Eileen.

  8. Powerful and moving, Eileen.

  9. Heartbreaking to think that nothing lasts forever, not even relationships forged in family and kinship. A powerful read on love and loss and moving on.


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