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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Love's Own Rhythm....

There is a most likable lilt to its style,
At certain times a nervous fragility.
Sometimes tripping over one’s words,
Intent mixed with innermost thoughts.
Silences broken by background Muzak,
A simple harmony blends conversation.
Mostly unwritten without prescription,
Signals transmitted by bodily linguistics.
Seeing eyes receive and respond instantly,
Lips smile and extend an immediate liking.
Attuned to a mutuality of taste and interest,
Love’s wavelength finds its own expression.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 14/09/2014


  1. Yes, love's wavelength does find its own expression. Sometimes one doesn't know what causes the chemistry, but it can be felt. When there is that 'immediate liking,' one really should take heed, as is it something very special indeed.

  2. Love’s wavelength finds its own expression.

    Interesting revelation Eileen! Just shows the intricate permutations when expressing love. Can come through words sincerely uttered, personally or cell phones, letters, flowers and lately online media. How nice! Wonderful write!


  3. Love does have its own wavelength--this is a beautiful write Eileen!

  4. How love is communicated is most fascinating. It seems like a communicated vibration - yes I like this a lot - very well observed.

  5. Love has a wavelength unlike any other, doesn't it? Beautifully done Eileen :-)

  6. oooo most beautifully written..."Signals transmitted by bodily linguistics." only the speakers of the language understand...your choice of words is brilliant Eileen...most people in love suffer from this "nervous fragility" ...however "mutuality of taste and interest" makes the journey together easier..

  7. This is lovely.. I feel it strongly, especially because I'm freshly in love so to say.. and as Mary said, when there is that immediate liking, an understanding.. you really should get to know that person :)

  8. Isn't it nice how love has so many ways to be expressed?! Lovely write :)

  9. Ah the uniqueness of each love. Well captured.


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