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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Being Oneself....

A total failure was declared at eleven years old,
No return ever to the bosom of trusted friends.
Such a wilful act certain to cause embarrassment,
The family name tarnished by this disappointment.
Father declared that it was so that Saturday morning,
A thin brown envelope delivered those solemn facts.
Unqualified to proceed to roads all paved with gold,
Wednesday’s child was born into this real woefulness.
Condemned and consigned into a castaway position,
Unloved and unwanted after a closely examined truth.
Clammed silences perpetuated secondary experiences,
Unforgiving challenges layered in turmoil deep inside.
Teenage years absorbed ridicule and daily chastisements,
Damnation devoured self-belief with every sphere of life.
Sanity spoke in night time whispers offering many escapes,
Self-sufficiency and determination buoyed choices in time.
Personal success relieved and rewarded bravery in oneself,
A stronger voice evolved expressing its desire to be heard.
Verbal cruelty demanded a fatherly respect in those days,
Past years have revealed an identity of absolute fulfilment.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 19/11/2014
Poetry Jam Prompt: ‘Identity.’…


  1. Eileen, it sounds as if life has presented you with some challenges, especially in your younger years. And teen-age years are hard enough without being subject to ridicule. It it good to hear that you have overcome those challenges and developed a strong voice. We can definitely read this in your poetry! Thanks for being so open in your writing, Eileen.

  2. What a very sad tale. Parental rejection and cruelty are very powerful in forming a person. I do hope this is not your personal story.

  3. I am glad that stronger voice surfaced...its hard when you are deemed a failure...I met a guy a few months ago and we got to talking and he was surely a SPED kid but never identified so he felt he was just dumb...come to find out he had a disability, but no one ever knew...so hard too when those we should trust fill us with self doubt...

  4. Deeming a child a failure sounds like a very harsh judgement. I cannot imagine that nowadays such news would be delivered through the mail. So glad they were proven wrong.

  5. Fulfillment after a not-so-happy past experience is great.
    Hope we all are contented and are happy being ourselves.
    Happy ending :)

  6. all's well that ends well...this is my philosophy of life...what a reward it is to develop a stronger voice from that situation and I'm sure most success story has a beginning like yours...a bold write Eileen :)

  7. Powerful testimony in your words and such wonderful structure in your poem. This is a wonderfully crafted poem.

  8. Eileen, it always amazes me how we manage to survive such childhoods and in fact transcend the abuses heaped on us. I have shared a similarly painful history - I love your use of the word "bravery" for that is what it took or us to find our own worth.

  9. Eileen, it sounds like you're not merely a survivor, but you have found a wonderful life to fully live. Thank you for sharing.

  10. How deeply we can injure our children at their tenderest, Eileen. There is nothing worse than saying to a child: "You will never amount to anything, you are a failure..." simply because of a bad report card or being unable to do the calculus... Your poem captures that hurt and the feeling of rejection. Very sad poem to begin with, and yet there is affirmation and rebirth of oneself towards the end.


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