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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Dreams and Desires....

A kind of transitional escape,
Gradually reveals this state.
A singular journey in silence,
Conscious concerns rested.
A voyeur with opportunities,
An appetite presented itself.
Passion met with open arms,
Aspirations were to be loved.
Possibilities seemed countless,
Diamonds and riches gleamed.
The touch was delicate and fine,
Almost found beyond all belief.
Letting go would not be desired,
Returning was never guaranteed.
An awakening to the true reality,
Dreams are simply one way myths.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 12/11/2014
Poetry Jam Prompt: ‘Dreams.’…


  1. I do like the idea that dreams are a transitional escape....it often seems this is true. And often we find what we seek in our dreams, if only temporarily. One way myths, but wonderful while they last. Nicely penned, Eileen.

  2. One-way myths--great way to describe dreams! As always I enjoyed reading you poem.

  3. We all need to dream - a kind of release. Well written.

  4. yes it is a singular journey in silence and destination seems so alluring.... i absolutely agree with your last line....

  5. A dream can be a door to another realm if our subconscious .

  6. Returning was never guaranteed.- Loved this line and that feeling that there is no return. Your words say so much.

  7. A dream is a one way myth. That's true and wonderful way to say it!

  8. A lovely labrinth through a dream - a one way myth. Beautifully chosen words.

  9. As always you have written some very strong lines. I like the one way myth and the idea that returning is never guaranteed, both so true.

  10. Very powerful words Eileen! Love your poem, and love your writing.

  11. "One way myths" --- a truth! Your poem carries some lovely images and food for thought.

  12. Great read with a whopper of a last line! I enjoyed this one a lot, Eileen.


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