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Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, now living in Cheshire, England. I started to write poetry nine years ago, as a hobby. I have enjoyed that new venture very much. My preferences are for long and micro-form poetry styles. A first book of poetry ~ Reason Without Rhyme, was published in December 2013. A second book ~ Fifty Seven Pebbles, was published in September 2015...I am presently compiling the content for my third book. Thank you for visiting my Blog which is regularly updated. COPYRIGHT: The entire copyright and content of this Blog belongs to the author Eileen T O'Neill. Nothing should be copied, reproduced or hosted as per RSS feed by any other party. {This particularly applies to the USA company Feedspot.com}

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Creations....

Festive plans nurtured and notions noted,
Excitement garlands every chimney corner.
Winter wilderness rapt in temporary colours,
Tinsel tassels and trees of twinkling lights.
Homes basking in the warmth of this love,
Sharing times care and mindfully seek to give.
Children’s wonder embraces everyone, everywhere,
Scenes create many magical worlds of family fun.
Smells cling to memories of mother’s cooking,
Spirits encourage a togetherness of friends.
Christmas Day’s collected surprises wrapped,
Wait for moments of discovery and revelation.
Tense worries, laterally relieved with good news,
Raise the praises of thankfulness for this season.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 22/12/2014


  1. Eileen, I like the way your poem expresses how there are so many things to be thankful for during this season. Both memories of wonderful times in the past and enjoyment of present-day Christmas joy.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Eileen!

  2. It is the right time to pause and be grateful for all the blessings in our lives. "Smells cling to memories of mother’s cooking" - so true that each Christmas is filled with memories of former ones.

  3. Very apt prelude to the festive season. Giving a thought to those bygone days is most nostalgic. Most will almost be in the mood for just a couple of days to go. This is the time for sampling of the cookies that are being baked in most homes. Merry Christmas to you Eileen and wishing you the best for the ensuing year!


  4. "Children's wonder embraces everyone..." How true as the anticipation and delight in Christmas of our children and grandchildren is a real treat.

  5. Merry Christmas, Eileen! So, much delight and magic in this season and in your poem~
    enJOY the season and make happy memories~

  6. Thank God for this season in which we find relief and children's wonder and temprary colors reminding us of what could be! Beautiful.

  7. Merry Christmas dear Eileen
    Your poem is lovely
    So nice to be reading you again :)

  8. Beautiful poem, Eileen. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.


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