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Thursday, 11 December 2014


Trading in the world of pontificating,
Perched high upon erroneous promises.
Elevated above the truth of the matter,
Lies blind their colourful perspectives.
Free will feels the constant price of choice,
Fearsome to behold improbities of despots.
Rhetoric polished and repackaged as before,
Empty promises litter whole worlds of politics.
Wrongs make human rights disperse and fragment,
Erased and eradicated save for irksome regimes.
Injustices exacerbated with each administration.
Timid do-gooders eventually show their intent,
Charades and chicanery played party wide.
Underdogs bundled into early graves or history,
Politicians uniformly besmirch notions of humanity.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 11/12/2014
 Poets United Mid-Week Motif: ‘Human Rights.’…


  1. That sum-up line is chilling. Your couplets point up how it grows and suffocates the weak-willed do-gooders. Ouch! But poets help us see, and this poem is tops.

  2. Sadly this is not a new thing; politicians, statesmen, rulers of all sorts even women (when queens for example) have been using their power to subject people to their will for millennia. We must be very careful who we put in power. Sadly we vote to suit our own needs not the majorities.

  3. Underdogs bundled into early graves or history,
    Politicians uniformly besmirch notions of humanity.

    Leave it to the politicians. They know what to do. The underlings get to keep the crumbs. But the politicians motivated by greed first, public service second, get the best pickings. Great lines Eileen!


  4. What a clever and thoughtfully written poem - i particularly like the line 'Wrongs make human rights disperse and fragment'...

  5. oh the injustices are so many but we must not forget to honor human rights above all. which is why i am happy that even though we are not all perfect, there are still a good portion of us who believe in a compassionate and just world.


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