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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Reaching Out....

Extending warmest welcomes,
Hands of friendship embrace.
Clasping diplomatic gatherings,
The world watches tactile signs.
Nervous steps need helping hands,
Experience offers its wise guidance.
Stranger’s nervousness melts instantly,
Cordiality and amity ease uncertainties.
Oppressive heavy hands point and taunt,
Gloved fisticuffs relish threatening peace.
Tender hands soothe and assuage distress,
Sharing burdens and alleviating worries.
Love holds hands closely to its heartbeat,
Intentions touchingly linked in togetherness.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 03/12/2014
Poetry Jam Prompt: Hands…


  1. Wonderful images in a thoughtfully sketched piece. In my mind's eye I could picture the movement of hands, as if you've created a lovely vignette using words instead of film.

  2. hands can be used for many things...and often it is in how we use them...to extend them warmly or clench the fist....i would rather the hand of love personally

  3. Hands can be comforting or oppressive or loving or welcoming, as you said.... I think your poem, Eileen, expresses very well the different kinds of hand contact. Always glad to see you at PJ.

  4. Lovely Eileen. Wonderful to think of all the positive ways hands can be used. I love how I can relate so well to this even though you are over there on the other side of the world in England from me in California.

  5. I agree there is so much power in holding hands. I mean, how can you stay mad at someone while holding their hand?

  6. Love holds hands closely to its heartbeat,
    Intentions touchingly linked in togetherness.

    Love the ending Eileen! Love conquers all and that is saying a lot. Only those who savor it will appreciate and understand it! Great lines!


  7. Love these all functions of hands, esp. when they reflect the warmth of heart. x

  8. Excellent the power of touch and the warmth of embrace. Very well captured.

  9. Nice take on the prompt! You have created a wonderful image of hands in various situations in life.

  10. All thoughts are beautifully carved in poem, I especially like "Stranger’s nervousness melts instantly"

  11. How true, Eileen. Simply the touch of a stranger's hand extended in friendliness and good faith can colour the whole way the interaction and relationship develop.


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