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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cup of Comfort....

There are many occasions in a whole lifetime,
When one’s angst or calm moods seek a cuppa.
Blends and flavours of botanical fruity infusions,
Cafetieres percolating roasted coffee grounds.
Aromas invite a desire to participate and partake,
Comfort and sympathy are most easily found in cup.
Soothing variations or additions enhance taste buds,
Hot or cold refreshments offer a wide menu of delights.
Traditions of breakfast strengths to awaken mornings,
While afternoons relax with fresh scones and cream teas.
Formality rests itself upon exquisite saucers of bone china,
While teacups snuggle up and hug the informality of home.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 26/03/2015
 Poetry Jam Prompt: Tea or Coffee…


  1. Aromas invite a desire - love that line and a great thought, how we are drawn towards the wonder . Great work.

  2. Lovely...so enjoyed the ''fruits'' of your labour!

  3. Love the reference to the blend!!

    1. Clare,

      And that blend will remain as the best blend ever..'Empire of The Sun,' June 2009..

  4. Breakfast coffee and afternoon tea make life beautiful fr you and for me!

  5. Your mention of 'fresh scones and cream teas' made me think of Britain. I think no one truly understands tea if they have not had a cuppa in the UK.

  6. So true that both angst and calm moods seek a 'cuppa.' There is so much benefit to be gained from sitting with a brewed cup. And then there is tea and scones...what a special delight. I have been drinking herbal teas in the afternoon, and it IS good for the soul! I like that you have written about both coffee AND tea, Eileen!

  7. "While teacups snuggle up and hug the informality of home."...love this homely feel and familiar comfort...

  8. A lovely appeal to the senses here! I enjoyed this little beverage journey through the day!

  9. Good Morning Eileen; took part in the challenge Love In Ten Words and i'm inviting you to take part if you wish the details are at my blog 'verses'


    much love..

  10. Morning coffee, afternoons/evenings tea...this prompt has me looking at teacups!

  11. Lovely exposition of all the delights that we partake of in a cup, Eileen!


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