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Friday, 6 March 2015

Fammah La Fondatrice....

We met purely by accident on a train in Switzerland,
I was a tourist going to Montreux, while she was local.
Her attire of traditional dress was bright and elegant,
Africa was her homeland and occupied her thinking.
My companion spoke of recent experiences in Geneva,
Homeless faces begging for money beside grand hotels.
Old men sleeping on park benches as children played,
It was a new discovery in an otherwise rich and wealthy city.
Madam Fammah explained her mission and her conscience,
To extend helping hands to at first steady a faltering soul.
To enable them to stand on their own with new found dignity,
To restore belief and aid desire to become self-sufficient.
Educating and facilitating materials to aid independence,
That thought pertained to any location and any experience.
She opened my eyes to a more constructive view of poverty,
Women in Africa required sewing machines to make clothing.
They had a desire to provide for their children without begging,
I admired Fammah for her sensible and most achievable hopes.
In a world of celebrity and designer living of ultra-high proportions,
It was refreshing to have encountered a woman with such vision.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 06/03/2015
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  1. A wonderful vision that I wish more would have. It's all around us and some do not see.

  2. Such souls make the world a heaven...a wonderful portrait Eileen....

  3. Sometimes chance encounters with strangers can lead to the most interesting, inspiring connections of our lives that can stay with us for a long time afterwards and can even provide us with momentum and vision for our own lives.

  4. It is amazing who you meet on trains (and other transport of course). How rewarding it is to get into conversation with strangers and learn of a different world as it passes by. Don't be shy for you can continue your education at you chat away the miles. Great post Eileen.

  5. Fammah sounds like an amazing woman--the encounter one to never forget. Bravo for putting her in a poem worthy of the vision!

  6. Sounds like Fammah is one of those people who make the world a better place...


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