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Monday, 30 March 2015

King Leer....

He was a real charmer as well as a trickster,
Master of tittle-tattle and bumptious blether.
His smile as wide as the river Nile and the Liffey,
Birds in frocks were drawn to him in their flocks.
Something alluring about the mischief in his eyes,
An appealing welcome always invited faux interest.
Performances were on cue and polished as usual,
A sharp suited actor dressed in roles of many facets.
He embraced his popularity like a box of new candy,
Enough was never enough to satisfy his old chicanery.
Character roles bathed in the flashing glow of adulation,
Audiences were his constant kingdom of firm believers.
Yet behind the scenes and underneath face masques,
He held any loyalty captive with a vicious temperament.
A rogue feasting off old glories and spent days of stardom,
An actor immersed in the profile of daring double deceit.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 30/03/2015


  1. Beautifully executed...full of charm and elegant verses..Bravo!

  2. What a vivid portrait you have drawn with your words, Eileen. I really love the title "King Leer." Very appropriate. Smiles.

  3. love the adjectives you've used to sketch the character...

  4. great and vivid portrait! wonderful.

  5. ''An appealing welcome always invited faux interest.''

    I believe this line really defines the actor's personality, as opposed to his many characters. What a shame that this thespian does not possess more worthy qualities; perhaps he should constantly portray the ones he does on stage, if they are more sincere, and kinder.

    Intriguing, Eileen!


  6. a good-for-nothing we call such fellows here; but i guess his role is universal, the better to stay away from

    thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime ; if you write on Mondays remember to link up at my Monday wRites

    much love...

  7. The very first line sets the tone thus I enjoyed the contrasts in his personality. Being an actor is a tough job, I guess we all have an actor side too

  8. He is quite a complex character, daring double deceit ~ Good one Eileen ~

  9. Eileen, this is very intense, intriguing &, as well, very powerful all the way to the end. You had my mind stretched by the flow of thoughts I got while & after reading your poem. Church people, politicians, &/or even us could play the character you effectively expressed here. The exquisite quality of this poem could actually set an epic, hard-hitting performance piece. One of my favorite of yours to date, Eileen. I have seriously enjoyed it, thank you!

    - ksm

  10. In a way, I see this as a metaphor for all of us. We all wear masks, though hopefully when we remove them, we are kind and just naturally nice. Good writing here Eileen.

  11. "A rogue feasting off old glories"...you describe him so well, I can see him. Wonderfully written, Eileen!

  12. Oh Eileen what a fine character sketch you have drawn with a mastery of words.

  13. great piece! This was my favourite image: "A rogue feasting off old glories". - oh Sherry picked that line too. Excellent writing!

  14. A very vivid character you portrayed ~ well done! :)

  15. Wonderful writing Eileen! such a delight of words and imagery in this portrait. Some people so perfectly know how to pretend and to hide behind masks.


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