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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Blooming Marvellous....

Their display heralds the arrival of spring,
Trees clothed in traditional oriental robes.
Branches bend with the weighty bunches,
Clusters of pink petals pose in hanging pods.
Weary spirits are enriched by your presence,
We wish this cheery blossom to stay for longer.
Delicately made up with dabs of rosy shades,
Iced forms grace a freshly baked wedding cake.
Blooms espy the delight their presence affords,
Hopes renewed by these marvels given by nature.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 01/04/2015
Mid-Week Motif Poets United: ‘Cherry Blossom.’..


  1. Yes, we always wish that the blossoms would last much longer, but if they did....we would not experience the fruit. Your poem shows us that we have to enjoy what comes & enjoy renewal before the blossoms come to an end.

  2. Beautifully executed, each line as sublime as the one accompanying it :D Truly remarkable!

  3. How gorgeous: "Trees clothed in traditional oriental robes." Every detail of the description from here to bunches to wedding cake sings of joy and gratefulness. And the meter and alliteration also make this sing. Thank you, Eileen, for capturing the cherry tree's beauty in blossom.

  4. Same hope as everyone Eileen but maybe it's better this way inorder to appreciate it more.

  5. Hope does rise in Spring at the sight of blooming beauty renewing itself. I like the images you've created here Eileen. Very creative and vivid.

  6. Such lush descriptions, beautiful, Eileen.

  7. Such a lovely time of year, watching the tiny buds opening and the new leaves unfurling.....sigh.....we are still having changeable weather, lowering dark grey clouds in one direction, rain and then a patch of blue sky and sunshine in the other direction.........

  8. It is so odd, I keep leaving comments and returning to find they have not taken. Argh. Several sites today. Something is weird at my end. Maybe me? LOL. Pink blossoms and wedding cake seem to go together. I enjoyed this, Eileen.

  9. The lovely cherry blossoms are def a symbol of renewal and hope. You have captured their magic.

  10. the delight is not momentary rather there's a hope of fruition and renewal.. ... its life is complete then...beautifully captivated..

  11. Hope renewed - that's what the blossom means to me too.

  12. Nature and human life all mixed up in a pink and cheery brew...wonderful piece

  13. Happy Spring Eileen
    Your delightful poem brought a smile

  14. I love the image of the oriental robes - so regal!!!

  15. The tradition is well captured here.

  16. "Hopes renewed by these marvels of nature"...we just have to look at our surroundings, so many elements from which one can draw faith and hope.....Beautiful expression!


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