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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Earthly Chances....

This world called home is ageing fast,
It’s stability and viability causes concern.
Foundations twisting and shifting in time,
Cracks appear in its crusts of wear and tear.
Erosion constantly erodes oceanic coastlines,
Sandy beds beneath seas rise and fall away.
Natural progression in the cycle of existence,
Life’s newness gradually fades into a maturity.
A duty of earthly care has had many shortcomings,
Man careered carelessly over this fragile landscape.
Without consideration and without much remorse,
Irreparable damage has been foisted on the earth.
Plastic bags and tags hang from choked hedgerows,
Dirty washing randomly caught in discontented winds.
Slimy oil slicks lick popular beach fronts smothering life,
The haste and pace of living curtails an active awareness.
Environmental impact always touches another’s backyard,
Blinkered but taking a chance on avoidance of any threat.
Scattered chemical particles impregnate without impunity,
Billows of factory smoke expelled into sleeping-time skies.
This beauty we freely absorb should inspire carefulness,
Our earthly chances tentatively rest upon feeble resolve.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 22/04/2015
Poets United Midweek Motif: ‘Earth Day or Earthiness.’…


  1. Eileen, your banner photo is so beautiful. You have expressed so well what we have done to the earth. Not good stewards. At least awareness is growing. Canada is abysmal when it comes to addressing climate change. The conservative govt believes "job stability" is more important than saving the earth. No jobs on a dead planet. Sigh. I hope to heavens they are not re-elected.

  2. This is splendid..! These lines struck me the most:

    This world called home is ageing fast,
    It’s stability and viability causes concern.
    Foundations twisting and shifting in time,
    Cracks appear in its crusts of wear and tear.

    This is so true... the earth is not receiving the protection it so desperately needs! Hope we all contribute in our own ways..! :D

    Happy Earth Day..!

  3. Hmmm....did my comment disappear? You have expressed so well our poor stewardship of the earth, Eileen. Your banner photo is so beautiful!

  4. What a magnificent imagination and vividness of thoughts, well done!

  5. This whole thing is written so thoughtfully, intelligently, but this line in particular really gets me: "Slimy oil slicks lick popular beach fronts smothering life," because the word choices are so brilliant in the sound and in the imagery they evoke.

  6. 'This beauty we freely absorb should inspire carefulness' resonates with me.

  7. "A duty of earthly care has had many shortcomings,
    Man careered carelessly over this fragile landscape."
    This is the pivot/fulcrum of this poem that sets up the earth, then the caretakers and then their neglect. I first read it as "man careens" and then on second read through caught the brilliant use of careers as a verb. Yes, exactly! Mind and wisdom is otherwise engaged. Bless you for deep caring!

  8. What will happen to the creative spirit when all beauty is destroyed?
    As I read your poem I am reminded of my childhood. We were taught: (by teachers, parents, example) not to litter, to pick up rubbish, to even keep the air clean. What happened to responsible living ?

  9. I wanted to add that your header is beautiful!!!

    1. It is a view from Ballycastle Beach, county Antrim, Northern Ireland. Not too far away from The Giant's Causeway, a World Heritage Site..I like to return to this beach, whenever I return to visit Northern Ireland; a place of happy seaside memories!!

  10. Yes, that feeble resolve is easily squashed by developers and industries greed. However we must not give up trying to save the planet hoping someone too someone will try to save us.

  11. Perfectly expressed in beautiful language.

  12. we've at last been able to make this pristine little home of ours into a filthy garbage can...thanks to the progress that's happy with achievements "Without consideration and without much remorse," for anyone or anything...

  13. I really like this one. The imagery is very gritty and honest. That "feeble resolve" line is very strong.

  14. Well written Eileen. You've captured the many truths about the threats to this planet and our responsibility to change.

  15. Poor Mother Earth , we treat her too shabbily
    Your poem so resounded with me Eileen
    Wonderfully expressed

    Have a great weekend xx

  16. Hello, Eileen. Glad to see you in Poets United!
    Your poem summarises poignantly all of the terrible environmental damage we are responsible for every day on this once beautiful and unspoilt planet. Is it too late to stop and heal? That is the life and death question...


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