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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Old Flames....

George was no longer young in years,
In his head he was still a prime Lothario.
Life had placed him into the arms of love,
His charisma and charms worked wonders.
Voices of angels flocked to adorn his being,
Musical Madams caressed with dulcet tones.
Dressed in yards of satins and lace to entice,
Passions were raised as high as the old beams.
Burlesque ladies invited gentlemen’s attentions,
Belle of Bellend still turned heads in her twilight.
Fragile faces with fading names lost in memories,
Little black books slowly stowed in dusty dressers.
Those were the good old days with Flaming Nolette,
A fiery tempered beauty with locks of long red hair.
Her vicious outbursts endeared her to a following,
Captivated by her false niceties and daring tirade.
Flickers of recognition kept the old songs in mind,
Hearts were broken and rekindled in many lifetimes.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 01/04/2015
Poetry Jam Prompt:’ The Flame.’..


  1. I hope they both have good memories of their 'good old days.' It sounds as if neither of them really found true love though despite charisma and charm though, which is sad indeed.

  2. I see we both wrote about 'old flames' although very differently. I enjoyed the atmosphere you created which evoked older times - the late 18th century maybe.

  3. ouch...the images of fire dancing in a relationship..hearts are meant to be broken for "a prime Lothario" and a "fiery tempered beauty"...so well written Eileen...

  4. so classic, so delightful, so captivating; nice one Eileen

    much love...

  5. Quite captivating and it really tells that kindling of a flame. I love how this all works.

  6. Oh yes those "old flames." This was fun to read.

  7. Sounds as if their love is locked into glitz and glamour - real or imagined. I wonder though if they ever reached some kind of happiness. An interesting one.

  8. They say there is no flame like an old flame...

    No regrets noted. Very much a good story in poetic form!

  9. This has the buds of a novel within it, Eileen! I could just picture these two "old flames" getting into all sorts of mischief, but sadly declining as they grow into old age... But after all only the good die young, they say... Nice one!


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