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Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, now living in Cheshire, England. I started to write poetry nine years ago, as a hobby. I have enjoyed that new venture very much. My preferences are for long and micro-form poetry styles. A first book of poetry ~ Reason Without Rhyme, was published in December 2013. A second book ~ Fifty Seven Pebbles, was published in September 2015...I am presently compiling the content for my third book. Thank you for visiting my Blog which is regularly updated. COPYRIGHT: The entire copyright and content of this Blog belongs to the author Eileen T O'Neill. Nothing should be copied, reproduced or hosted as per RSS feed by any other party. {This particularly applies to the USA company Feedspot.com}

Sunday, 26 April 2015


I understand your flexible connections,
A constant flightiness diverts you away.
Time spent elsewhere with someone else,
Blank chapters and verses in near blindness.
In times of need you abandon my dolour,
That emptiness impacts upon any progress.
I’m not amused when you complicate life,
Honeyed hints dropped into an open mind.
Then in an instant erased from opportunity,
Your avant garde flarf becomes you so well.
Human foibles and eccentricities excite you,
A touch of the Orientals enhances your world.
Mad verses of Haiku and Twaitu flow at ease,
In silence I often wait for your communication.
You mollify moments of bleakness by surprise,
Simply a single word from you arouses desires.
Empty pages brim with a confident composure,
Your permanency is fragile but I appreciate you.
Missing you leaves unfilled hours and long days,
Your presence embraces my quality of existence.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 26/04/2015


  1. If only he listens and anticipates the goodness that flows towards him. Great lines Eileen!


  2. So much love for someone..........................sometimes can hurt

  3. Whoa...! This is one befitting reply to anyone who is involved in two-timing their spouse..! The tone of the poem is of fiery anger and resentment.. images painted are intense and vivid..!!
    Loved this piece..!!

  4. Waiting for communication from someone can be hard sometimes, but perhaps if one knows the unpredictability and knows that the person will eventually return MIGHT make it a bit easier. And the surprises when the person returns can definitely brighten one's day! Lots to contemplate in this poem today, Eileen.

  5. Human relationships hold the capacity to offer the best and the worst in people. Things get even more complicated when these people are friends and loved ones.

  6. A heartache I have felt...beautiful lines and such amazing emotions in each one.


  7. How even the philanderer can be welcome back with such a velvet tongue. Love how you connected the narrative with those poems...

  8. i really like your clever use of different genres of poetry in depicting relationships with a wonderfully loving tone...

  9. It really hurts when somebody you love ignores you...Despicable characters, but..c'est a live!! Beautiful lines...

  10. Hi there Eileen, My first time here, I think - but will be back again for sure... I chose to read this as a love letter to your poetic muse? Not sure if I am right! But certainly works on this level... An intriguing and successful write for me... With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com

  11. I read this as the inconsistency of the muse - lots to unpack here!

  12. Very interesting metaphor Eileen regarding relationships. It's always sad to be ignored or silently treated.

    Likewise, I am reading this as a sort of writer's bloc :)

  13. Beautifully drawn: poignant and filled with wonderful poetic and prose metaphors and references. Words, words, words: when they are absent, an ache remains.

  14. For all her enthusiasm I feel he is an empty vessel not worth pursuing but it is fortunate each of us has different tastes so it may be worth while after all.

  15. I too have a special place for surprise and fragility--maybe at my own expense at times. Why does it's exoticism enchant beyond the stable and familiar?!

  16. Those who hold special places are often need special acceptance.

  17. Flarf is a new word on me.Googled it, now I see.

    Honeyed hints dropped into an open mind was my favorite line, among many other very original and heartfelt images.

  18. I reflect Scott Hastie's comment above, seeing your words as conversation with your poetic muse. Cleverly done.
    Anna :o]

  19. Love the language of poem..as if from last century....written by feather...nice style..

  20. I felt like I knew this person...


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