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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

All Kinds of Everything....

Daffodils bring the first welcome of springtime,
Yellow tones brighten that post-winter gloom.
Roses snuggle close to the heart of the matter,
Red buds and petals express a special message.
Bluebells seek sunlight within dark shady glades,
Mythological violet-blue trumpets heavily scented.
Poppy fields bring remembrance for those who fell,
Brave souls lost in the endless madness of warfare.
Wreaths entwined with the love felt in times of loss,
Sometimes words are scarcely enough as expression.
Balmy summer evenings walking in the meadowlands,
Buttercups with buttery enquiries underneath chins.
Cowslip and primrose cluster within clumps of clover,
Daisies play peek-a-boo with hours of erstwhile fun.
The elegance and the beauty decorates heath and dale,
Hedgerows of sweet honeysuckle and bramble ramble.
Dandelions were childhood offerings picked into posies,
Floral gifts so lovingly given and never considered weedy.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 27/05/2015
 Poets United Mid-Week Motif: ‘Weeds/ Weediness.’


  1. Brave souls lost in the endless madness of warfare.
    Wreaths entwined with the love felt in times of loss,
    Sometimes words are scarcely enough as expression.

    These lines are great and strongly resonated with me... sometimes what words can not express.. the emotions which are depicted by flowers hold great significance in expressing our deepest of thoughts :)

    Beautifully written!
    Lots of love,

  2. Eileen, this is a beautiful hymn to Beauty that manifests itself in plants and weeds. ...

  3. Amen. I totally loved this line; 'Roses snuggle close to the heart of the matter," and also at the heart of all, as you show, are the childhood offerings, all of beauty.

  4. Now this is Wonderland...I love how you have given character to the flowers as well as smell and colour and feeling...it feels so natural (and obvious) that as a reader you wonder why you haven't thought of it before!

  5. A platter of spring decorated with beautiful flowers:)

  6. This is lovely Eileen. I like the tenderness with which you describe the flowers, never being weeds to you who are a flower too. I know you're beautifully blossomed.

  7. I love the description of the qualities of the various flowers - and what treasure those childhood bouquets of dandelions are. Children so love to give.

  8. Oh I love the field that you have placed on your page and the memories that some flowers bear.

  9. Truly I think all flowering plants are beautiful. Daffodils or dandelions - both have their charms. I am sure that when you walk the heath you don't differentiate between plants...but appreciate each for what it is. On my walks right now, it is the same. I see some very beautiful purple flowers, but I don't have a clue what they are!

  10. "Roses snuggle close to the heart of the matter"

    I just love that!

  11. The childhood offerings are more precious than any florist concoction - lovely

  12. What a glorious hymn of praise to all flowers in our world.

  13. This is a delightful rhyming bouquet, i sooooo enjoyed this

    thanks for dropping in to read mine

    much love...

  14. A lovely play on the theme - and all the symbolism of flowers made me smile :)

  15. This reminded me of Shakespeare's descriptions of all the lovely flora of the British Isles, Eileen. A lovely write.


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