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Monday, 4 May 2015

Bitter Belief....

He felt ostracised from all kith and kin,
His acerbic tongue lashed out too often.
Life’s challenges had tempted his efforts,
Losing was not in his psyche or outlook.
Hypocrites trod lightly on his toes in fear,
His sermons were loud and passionate.
Love was a cool affair in his experience,
Rebutting closeness once it ever evolved.
Words of any kindness stuck in his craw,
His flock sat riveted into their cold pews.
Belief was unquestioning in any measure,
One wondered if a softer heart ever existed.
He stood his ground upon the marble pulpit,
Black robes encased his cold human persona.
His brows lines always furrowed in an angst,
The God of love must surely frown upon him.
Those virtues etched within biblical soundings,
Surely rancour can in time accept malleability.
This shepherd’s self-possession quite misguided,
Bitterness served to isolate any viable godliness.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 04/05/2015


  1. No wonder he felt ostracised...normal beings would naturally want to keep a safe distance from him but he is quite a character....a perfect portrayal Eileen....

  2. Quite a resounding quality to this piece..! :D

    Lots of love

  3. This poem paints a picture of someone who might have done more harm than good from the pulpit. It would be difficult to speak of the love of God if not a loving person oneself.

  4. Any religion preaching radical thoughts of destroying world in essence can never know of god's love.

  5. Beautifully described. I've known a couple like that! Lia

  6. Oh my what a sad person. Excellent description -- I recognized who ever this is immediately. I think they are everywhere unfortunately.

  7. Poor man! Carrying dead form when live faith might add smile lines and endear him to others. Quite a portrait, EIleen.

  8. You've brought a fire and brimstone preacher to mind.


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