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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Shadow of Self....

A mostly fair-weather companion it seems,
You are absent elsewhere in my darker times.
Candle light flickers and offers faint connection,
A spectre of gloom separates our natural warmth.
I seek to catch your closeness but you are elusive,
Tantalisingly shady you evade moves to embrace.
Dappled sunny rays dance teasingly between us,
That presence is reflected in our close proximity.
Your vestige clings to my existence upon meeting,
The ombre that defines us is forever untouchable.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 10/05/2015


  1. wow! hauntingly ethereal yet how i sometimes feel in the presence of some. gracias for sharing

  2. Agreed with Marco.. it certainly is ethereal.. well penned..!

  3. That friend we always carry - yet seems so elusive and distant. What a wonderful reflection upon something that can something more.

  4. At such moments we are closest to our self:)

  5. Some of them are elusive for some unexplained reasons. Feelings of endearment are not connected. Sadly for the one waiting! Great lines Eileen!


  6. There is a play of of the elusive here; enjoyed this poem a lot

    have a beautiful Sunday

    much love...

  7. Sad if someone is a 'friend' only in sunny times but leaves in the darker times... It does seem like the 'spectre of gloom' hangs over this relationship & that the sunny rays dance but don't closely approach.

  8. a beautiful & poetical sketch of shadow..."You are absent elsewhere in my darker times."...how true literally!!

  9. I can feel the distance from this elusive companion. Well written, Eileen.

  10. Well done... I agree with the comments that have shared.

  11. Sometimes we think whether shadows are friends or enemies. We may find comfort with shadows in times of loneliness.

  12. Many takes on this well penned poem....I like how it has a couple of different reads...the elusive companion as someone else or maybe our shadow side.


  13. Whew! You've beautifully evoked that subtle dance of light and shadow one feels when a presence that one longs for - teases, but remains: untouchable.

  14. The lighting and the weather serve more to disconnect this already distant loving. I have seen some mother and grown child relationships this estranged. Painful. If it is a "friend" it's easier to let go.

  15. Every one carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the denser it gets.... beautiful lines!

  16. An excellent poem in which I saw different aspects too. Sometimes we just can't be there for ourselves...
    Anna :o]

  17. Really solid poem. It conveys your feelings very clearly.

  18. The light and dark of any relationship can be confusing..perhaps at times we need the grey..to stop..consider..take pause and breath

    1. Very insightful comment Jae...I think you're onto something here...sometimes maybe we need to cut ourselves some slack if/when we cannot be what we think we should be for ourselves in black/white terms and just allow ourselves to sit in the grey.


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