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Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, now living in Cheshire, England. I started writing poetry eight years ago, as a hobby. I have enjoyed that new venture very much. My preferences are for long and micro-form poetry styles. A first book of poetry ~ Reason Without Rhyme, was published in December 2013. A second book ~ Fifty Seven Pebbles, was published in September 2015...I am presently compiling the content for my third book. Thank you for visiting my Blog which is regularly updated. COPYRIGHT: The entire copyright and content of this Blog belongs to the author Eileen T O'Neill. Nothing should be copied, reproduced or hosted as per RSS feed by any other party. {This particularly applies to the USA company Feedspot.com} Header Photograph: Ballycastle Beach, County Antrim, Northern Ireland...

Thursday, 30 July 2015


Falling between heaven and earth,
One waits in that limbo of indecision.
Keeping faith and trust only in words,
Old tales and scaremongering prevail.
Turning away from temptation’s invites,
May disappoint, but saves grace in future.
Always trusting goodwill and probability,
Eyes wide open to nonsense or foxiness.
Making allowances for another’s cruelty,
Exacerbates the harm already meted out.
Death may remove the option for justice,
It’s difficult to erase painful words of hate.
Distance stretches the warmth of knowing,
Out of touch dilutes the constancy of love.
Faithful companionship anchors its heart,
Separation simply facilitates a greater bond.
One must be discerning in decision-making,
Affirming agreement must be uncompelled.
Acceptance does not intend to be consent,
It is simply acknowledgement of a situation.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 30/07/2015
Poets United Mid-Week Motif: ‘Acceptance.’..

Monday, 27 July 2015

Reason to Believe....

The daily uphill struggle can deplete energy,
Tired souls soon slip backwards in low spirit.
Balancing actions with obvious consequences,
Pauses progress in a limbo-land of indecision.
Neither here nor there, stalls any satisfaction,
The journey is undetermined and frustrating.
Self-belief requires at times, a single incentive,
One wise word may motivate and spur activity.
A fresh impetus stimulated by encouragement,
Arouses a deflated attitude and incites a revival.
New potential waves in the nearside of a future,
It indicates new horizons which invite involvement.
Austerity resets life to shades of colourless basics,
Recovery adds tones of renaissance and tenacity.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 27/07/2015

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Individually Moved....

Actions often speak louder than words,
A considered mind debates within itself.
Balancing the rights and wrongs of choice,
Seeking guidance in the outcome chosen.
One finds it easier to run with an instinct,
Not overburdened by coercive pressures.
Following the pack blindly out of loyalty,
May in time, incubate a loss of individuality.
Spur of the moment reactions evoke emotion,
Movements seek united and timely responses.
En masse power vocalises support or rejection,
Conscientious consciences charter greater faith.
For unanimity, raison d’ĂȘtre must be accepted,
Individuals moved to participate without duress.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 23/07/2015
Poets United Mid-Week Motif: Unity…

Monday, 20 July 2015


The reality of it dawns,
Not before its time.
A fool’s silly errand,
To trust without return.
Those oft empty hearts,
Void of a real warmth.
Those fickle friendships,
Once counted upon.
Now truly exhausted,
Efforts fail to enthuse.
Empty words stare back,
Blank paper speaks volumes.
An inconvenience arises,
Nil response understands.
Immediate sadness blisters,
Soon cooled by icy disconnect.
Yesterday’s unruffled waters,
No more a foolish paradise.
Mirrors reflect one’s image,
Friendship requires both sides.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 20/07/2015

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Dusk and Dawn....

Night and day glance from one to the other,
Dusk gradually sinks into a sleepy slumber.
The achievements of the day stand tall,
Troubles disturb restless sleeping hours.
Sunrise returns back a new starting point,
The heavy drapes of nightfall drawn aside.
Perception views a comfortable blue sky,
This familiar world moulds our surroundings.
Daytime crammed with routine and actions,
Energy wanes as today yawns for tomorrow.
By nightfall distortion teases our imagination,
We are but a pinhead in planetary significance.
Minuscule dots of dusty matter cluttering earth,
The night sky impacts upon personal observation.
Our littleness stares into an unbounded darkness,
Unknowns remain untouchable to our familiarity.
Under a starry camouflage evil lurks in shadows,
Actions revealed in the dawn of day accountability.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 09/07/2015
Poets United Mid-Week Motif: ‘Night.’..