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Thursday, 30 July 2015


Falling between heaven and earth,
One waits in that limbo of indecision.
Keeping faith and trust only in words,
Old tales and scaremongering prevail.
Turning away from temptation’s invites,
May disappoint, but saves grace in future.
Always trusting goodwill and probability,
Eyes wide open to nonsense or foxiness.
Making allowances for another’s cruelty,
Exacerbates the harm already meted out.
Death may remove the option for justice,
It’s difficult to erase painful words of hate.
Distance stretches the warmth of knowing,
Out of touch dilutes the constancy of love.
Faithful companionship anchors its heart,
Separation simply facilitates a greater bond.
One must be discerning in decision-making,
Affirming agreement must be uncompelled.
Acceptance does not intend to be consent,
It is simply acknowledgement of a situation.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 30/07/2015
Poets United Mid-Week Motif: ‘Acceptance.’..


  1. Loved the closing lines.. acceptance is to learn to tackle every situation.
    Beautifully executed :D

    Lots of love,

  2. You nailed it Eileen...Acceptance is indeed 'acknowledgement of a situation'....it is not forced...and has to come out from heart...wise lines as always....

  3. I too love those closing lines. Acceptance is acknowledgement of a situation. Seems so simple! A very strong piece, Eileen :)

  4. your poem shows the complexity of acceptance - does it take a lifetime to learn its ways and values? A thoughtfully prepared verse Eileen

  5. ... not an easy task in many situations. Authentic piece Eileen.

  6. Great poem. Love the last two lines.

  7. One must be discerning in decision-making,
    Affirming agreement must be uncompelled.

    Very true Eileen! An agreement is only the end result! It could have been exhaustive bargaining before that! Great observation!


  8. I like what you say about acceptance not implying consent, simply acknowledgement. Well said.

  9. What we can do nothing about we have to accept, otherwise it will keep eating at us. Not easy sometimes though, especially when cruelty is involved.


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