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Thursday, 19 May 2016

All Sorts....

Bullies sneak out from corners
Or from behind a comfort zone,
Seeking to unnerve and ruffle.
They devour friendships with glee
And torture without any remorse.
Prim and proper little ladies,
Can injure with wagging tongues,
They nip and pick, nip and pick.
Tormentors have little appetite
For a soft spot of consideration
Or afterthoughts of contrition.
Bullying types perfect their trade,
Freely venting hatred and worry
With an aggressive swagger,
Until a lapse in attentiveness
Discloses unscrupulous actions.
Without any defining marks,
A bully can often be revealed
As your last best friend.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 19/05/2016
Poets United Mid-Week Motif ~ Bullying..


  1. Indeed, bullies tend to torture us without remorse. Your closing line proves to be so true.. often the people we befriend turn out to be insincere.. a sort of hidden bully perhaps. Excellent write.

    Lots of love,

  2. You make a good point about the damage gossiping does, Eileen. Well done. SO nice to see you at midweek, my friend.

  3. Relationships, close or casual, can be such complicated things. And as much as it pains, interaction with bullies is a form of relationship, though toxic. Amazing it can be how they transform under time and pressure.
    Very nice poem, Eileen!

  4. "They nip and pick, nip and pick." how perfect! they do just that...

  5. I always wonder what happened to the bullies later in life.
    Wonderful poem, Eileen.

  6. Wow. Clear and powerful.

  7. All the terrible characteristics of bullies described so well... one wonders if there is even one redeeming quality!

  8. Of course this applies in childhood but it also made me think of switching on the news every night and seeing the same 'proper little ladies' (or gentlemen) bullying and picking and poking..always a satisfying feeling when you can hit the off key - in whatever form it may take!

  9. Whew, this packs a punch, Eileen. You really have gotten into the mind of a bully here. I wonder though if they would recognize themselves if they read your poem!

  10. Well done. The gossips are often overlooked for the bullies they are.
    Anna :o]

  11. unfortunate truth - a most authentic poem.

  12. Hi Eileen
    You got it so right!
    Great poem!

    Hope all is wonderful in your life!
    I am been in a bit of a depression the last few months as I found out my dearest sister has ALS.
    I have not been online much lately but wanted to pop
    in for a visit.

    Take care and keep well.



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