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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Most Inspiring....

There is great comfort found in ordinariness,
Just resting upon its quiet sincerity and being.
Nothing so outlandish or garishly overbearing,
Run of the mill perhaps but with a sensible view.
Loved for ease of connection and communication,
Without long winded and elongated exuberances.
Pretentious mannerisms are never ever entertained,
What you see is what you know and what is familiar.
Dressing up in best top tails and ties is a fun adventure,
Standing on formalities is not always most comfortable.
Photographic ensembles return a more natural review,
When captured in great moments of informal joyfulness.
Routine may be considered mundane in its daily passing,
Yet its regularity returns a sense of orderly contentment.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 14/11/2013 

Poets United Prompt: Verse First ~ The Ordinary


  1. In praise of the ordinary! Love it. I've missed you, where have I been?

  2. I really like this Elaine. Yes routine can sometimes seem mundane but it also fills us with a sense of comfort. I think we can get too caught up in routine BUT we also need some routine in order to maintain our internal order :)

  3. I think there is something to be said for the ordinariness of life. It is definitely comforting to have a routine and have an ease of connection and communication with those one is familiar with. I really like the line "Run of the mill perhaps but with a sensible view." I think an ordinary life is often a very happy one. Smiles!

  4. Yes, I LOVE days or "orderly contentment". Wonderful, Eileen, you have captured it well.

  5. Routine does not have to be boring. it can certainly be enjoyed and appreciated. "Routine may be considered mundane in its daily passing,
    Yet its regularity returns a sense of orderly contentment3 - how true!

  6. how true...ordinariness is surely a comfort zone for all........

  7. This ease and familiarity and routine have grown from our practices, and are a safe net to guide the days. But they have to be our own and occasionally tested.

  8. So true, when I have been ill and unable to do my everyday things it upsets me, there is comfort in what is familiar. Very nice Eileen.


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