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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Crossroads of Life....

Behind rests the journey taken thus far,
A truly predetermined onwards direction.
Paths trodden by previous history makers,
Footsteps impress upon latter possibilities.  
Choice is simply to placate one’s own mind,
Determining benefits gained from deviation.
Errors of change make and mould personality,
The harder trek demands energies of strength.
Experiences perch above the backwards gaze,
Influenced and affected but now unchangeable.
The unrevealed future holds a nervous interest,
Meticulous preparation still encounters surprise.
The left of rightness leads towards a central point,
Individuality gradually draws itself towards finality.

 ©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 02/03/2014


  1. Choice is simply to placate one’s own mind...

    There's such wisdom in this poem. It's brilliant. :)

  2. left of rightness leads towards a central point
    ha, i like the play in that line....

    is it predetermined? if so then what is the use
    if i have to choice, then i guess life already knew that
    ha. those concepts always loop back in on each other
    in my head...

  3. Ah, we both shared poems about journeys today, Eileen. And yes, a major part of one's journey is behind, and who knows the onward direction? I don't think it is predetermined, but that we have choices to make along the way. We cannot change our experiences, which definitely DO have their effect on us. But don't you think we have some control over our future? I like to think so. You mentioned those 'surprises.' I think we always have to anticipate these.

  4. A truly predetermined onwards direction.
    Paths trodden by previous history makers,
    Footsteps impress upon latter possibilities.

    Yes, there is no necessity to reinvent the wheel. One can be guided by those paths already taken by others. Nicely Eileen!


  5. brilliant thoughts gathered here, especially loved "Errors of change make and mould personality,"

  6. Oy, I feel the portent in that closing line. Will it work if I say "heck no, I wont go?" hee hee. Happy Sunday, Eileen. Hope you and your hubby are recovering from the accident. THAT would certainly make one think about how quickly things can change. In a heartbeat.

  7. Well this one makes me think a bit--I get on and off this train of thought--looking backward and wondering what I have set in motion that will color and shape my future--hope you are doing well

  8. I like the picture i get in my head, of standing on a road, looking forward, seeing footsteps which are of previous history makers, already knowing their journey and outcome beforehand...amazingly done! :)

  9. I like how you explored the idea if life as a journey, with its choices and directions. "Meticulous preparation still encounters surprise." - I guess you are right but it is also part of the fun.

  10. "The left of rightness..." I LOVE THAT LINE!


  11. what is left behind sometimes dictates the path in front... great though provoking poem...

  12. This is a very deep poem. It makes me think very philosophically :)

  13. *The harder trek demands energies of strength"
    How how I can relate to that line.

    Another wonderful poem, Eileen, thank you.


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