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Monday, 29 September 2014

Cloudy Perspectives....

Swathes and swabs of fluffy cloud huddled together,
Clusters congregate to hang in free fall formations.
Moved onwards in a gentle hint of windy motivation,
Fifty shades of delicate grey edging resting upon a few,
Umbrellas scarcely protect from those untimely deluges.
Beyond this earthly perspective big storage takes control,
Supposedly secure while secreted in a world above all else.
Hosted and housed out of reach and far from prying eyes,
Bits and bytes seeking shelter from earths stranger dangers.
Starry eyed youth now gazes further than past observances,
Somewhere out there a cloud has our details attached to it.
Rainy days of meteorological excuses wash over the outlook,
Staying safe and sound strays far above the cotton topped sky.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 29/09/2014
Written for Poetry Jam: ‘Clouds.’….


  1. Ah, indeed sometimes umbrellas scarcely protect a person from the cloudbursts! It would be nice to think we might each have a cloud 'in a world above all else' with our own personal details attached to it! Welcome to Poetry Jam, Eileen!

  2. I love how you took this from one cloud to the other, Eileen. I didn't see that coming; very clever.

    Clouds were once what dreams were made of, now they're a reality, although still 'out there' somewhere. Makes a person think.

    It's weird how something that only exists in an intangible electronic form can affect our lives so much; more so in the future as we become ever more dependent on it, or are forced to become dependent on it just by it's sheer all pervading presence in our lives.

    Nice writing, my friend. :-)

  3. I guess you are right we fear one type of clouds and the potential deluges but forget than the other kind might have consequences that are just as frightening, if not more.

  4. So nice to see you at Poetry Jam Eileen and with a beautiful poem...love the different shades of clouds here :)

  5. Swathes and swabs of fluffy cloud huddled together,
    Clusters congregate to hang in free fall formations.

    Great openers Eileen! Good observation. Not many have the time to look up to see great happenings to be savored immediately. Nicely!


  6. I assume you are talking about the iCloud sort of thing here. Good angle to take on this prompt that I had not thought about. Good to see you again.

  7. Hi, Eileen. I really enjoyed your poem & like the idea of this:

    Somewhere out there a cloud has our details attached to it.

  8. You have brought clouds to life here in your beautiful words Eileen.

  9. To every cloud there is a double meaning... Liked how you twisted this around in the second half!

  10. I love this, Eileen. I was thinking about that very thing this morning.......how metaphysical clouds really are....and how beautiful they are at this time of year.......it always takes my breath away when they drape themselves across the mountains.......here in the rainforest, they come so low down we can almost touch them.

  11. This really works on so many levels and has hidden depths and well crafted meaning. Well done.


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