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Friday, 5 September 2014

Mood Swings....

Pendulum hands dictate the mood,
Flapping and fluttering in annoyance.
Words carry the dark and the gloomy,
Alighting like a dull and thundery sky.
A suffocating wait for the deliverance,
Love seeps into the edges and retracts.
Without an occasional angry occurrence,
Life itself might be a fair weather fallacy.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 05/09/2014
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  1. I especially liked the last two lines. So very true. Angry occurrences are a fact of life, just as storms are. Hopefully, however, both life and weather will be composed of more fair weather than storms.

  2. Love seeps into the edges and retracts. - Perfect Ellen

  3. Oh, I love the last two lines, Eileen!

  4. Interesting that you broke your normal sonnet form for "Mood Swings." It sort of makes the point! I'm glad for the wait that lets the love seep in and retract some of the darkness wordscan take on ... and yeah, those last two lines are wonderful. Lovely!

  5. Lovely Eileen,
    I've tried leaving comments before and have been denied. Hopefully you will get this one. Take care, Lisa

  6. love the image evoked in the beginning of the poem...and the last lines are the truths of life...

  7. Without an occasional angry occurrence,
    Life itself might be a fair weather fallacy.

    Time goes unabated even without that occasional anger. But it may ostensibly be giving out wrong signals. One gets caught on the wrong foot! Great lines Eileen and good ending!


  8. sometimes i can't explain the mood swings, as if the are happening outside of me.. this is an interesting poem.

  9. moods are often dictated by other factors- beautifully composed -I like the line 'words carry the dark and gloomy' as 'I feel 'light enters to allow love seep over the edge and end the suffocating wait' Lovely poem.


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