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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Touches of Magic....

It’s a concoction of unknown formula and luck,
Changeable in the array of fortunes distributed.
Success tastes sweet and warms one’s confidence,
More rights than wrongs reassure nervy first steps.
Broken hearts love the comfort of another embrace,
Hugs are never too many in the meeting of emotions.
A few words of surprise say more than a long sermon,
Sincerity seeps through the eyes and into the soul.
Honesty is nurtured in the manner of truthfulness,
Spiritual wellbeing envelops and encourages fervour.
Moments of abject despair and dwindling enthusiasm,
Gradually heartened by promise and a touch of magic.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 01/10/2014
Poetry Jam: ‘Magic.’…


  1. It’s a concoction of unknown formula and luck,
    Changeable in the array of fortunes distributed.

    Great opening, rightly so Eileen. One just can't find explanations to all the wonder of magic. Worst off one feels sore being duped. I get that feeling! Great lines!


  2. So true...it IS 'a concoction of unknown formula and luck' indeed. It is wonderful when it happens though, and often it is so unexpected. I like especially the 'a few words of surprise say more than a long sermon.' You have hit the nail on the head with that, Eileen. Magical in a wonderful way!

  3. "It’s a concoction of unknown formula and luck,"...absolutely..and also that embrace,a few right steps, honesty and promise may have that magical touch...beautiful...

  4. I especially love the touch of magic you write of here, of humans comforting and encouraging other humans. Good one, Eileen.

  5. A few words of surprise say more than a long sermon - Great line and i love that it only takes a few words. This works really well.

  6. hugs...and words of affirmation....both make a connection that will certainly work magic in your life and your esteem...that kinda magic doesnt take much effort...but it does take awareness...

  7. I love the magic you described - of love and acceptance and positivity

  8. What a lovely collections of magic moments, Eileen! And I agree that 'Hugs are never too many in the meeting of emotions'.

  9. How true, Eileen... The interaction with other people and the building of meaningful relationships is the true magic of life.


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