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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tricks and Treats....

Stretched and straightened into shape,
Coins tossed firmly upon sleepy eye lines.
Pasted, powered and perfectly packaged,
Inclined with stiff resolve and hands entwined.
Glad rags nipped and tucked into a suitability,
Rosy rouged cheeks and pretty pert lips lined.
Positioned into a finality of restful permanence,
A heavily carved casket tinged with personality.
Tears caress the last earthly hours above all else,
Love cascades through the trembling final words.
Parting between this place and deathly darkness,
Scented floral adornments and fluttering ribbons.
A departure marked in tributes as with birth itself,
Significant dates with only the joy of life in-between.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 29/10/2014
Poets United Mid-Week Prompt: Halloween or Celebrating the Dead…


  1. A time to remember our departed loved ones......I remember my shock that the funeral parlor made my mom look so unlike herself. But I knew she was not there any more. She had flown out of her earth suit.

  2. That joy of life is a lot to have in between birth and death. I can see the coffin, you describe it so thoroughly. This is an interesting application of the title "tricks and treats." I'm happy to see you again.

  3. I so seldom see coffins anymore. Actually I am glad about that. I don't think people ever look natural when they are pasted and powdered. I would prefer a cremation urn & to remember how the person looked alive. So glad to see you here too, Eileen.

  4. Reminds me of my mom. It was this time last year when her end began.

  5. i used to be very afraid of coffins but i think i must face this fear...

    the poem reminded me of a japanese film "departures" which is about sending-off of the departed

  6. I'm with Mary. I prefer to be cremated myself :)

  7. I suppose we must work hard for the middle bits to be treats - however small...appreciate each day

  8. day of the funeral. always jittery about saying good bye to the dead body inside a coffin-- the skin just tight and cool against my warm lips. a sensation that i find a bit disturbing.

  9. The invoking of Charon's fee really drove home the poem for me.

  10. The dates on a tombstone are so vacant without knowing the life they lived. There is a sadness for all that is forgotten

  11. Feel the heaviness of stones in your lines.. time to ponder of real life's values...

  12. Unfortunately, I can really picture this one. I am always shocked to see how different a loved one can look. I find it chilling. Great poem, Eileen.


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