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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Perceiving Perspectives....

From the comfort of one’s cosy corner,
Internal perspectives feel relatively safe.
A little turmoil with a queasy discomfort,
A mild depression causes some hesitancy.
Surroundings are framed by a familiarity,
Time and instance holds hostility at bay.
Introspection seeks to reveal some clarity,
Star gazing against a cloud covered night sky.
Security is sensed from behind a closed curtain,
A world shielded from most external intrusion.
Choice retains a closed door without welcome,
Observations construct a perceived peculiarity.
Oddness may lurk behind a twitchy demeanour,
Courage prefers the privacy of an inner sanctum.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 26/02/2015
Poetry Jam Prompt: ‘Inside/Outside looking Out/In.’…


  1. it is hard to find that place that is completely free from the intrusion of the world...where one can find peace...and ...that inner sanctum...there is some tension as well between courage and security...

  2. I guess there are few complete escapes from the tensions of life--even in our inner world they can be there. Thanks for posting. And thanks too for commenting on my poem.

  3. However hard we may find this, we need to find time and space for introspection.

  4. Sometimes security is found inside that closed curtain & away from those external intrusions. But perhaps sometime one needs to venture outside the 'cosy corner' and gaze at the stars from the outside?

  5. I think introspection slowly builds up an inner world and helps to look out with full clarity and assures inner sanctum...love this thought provoking piece Eileen...

  6. The peace of that inner sanctum is sometimes difficult to find, we live in that tension between peace and seclusion. Excellent capture.

  7. I agree--the inner sanctum is a safe place that is never judgemental and always exactly what one needs at that particular moment. Well done :)

  8. I understand the safety of peace, quiet, and privacy, and I agree it takes courage. Sometimes one has to stand alone. Your poem said it so well. I loved this!

  9. Yes, a look within really helps to get one's perspective correct, and to answer so many questions. Deep thoughts!

  10. It is very difficult to avoid intrusions, so much noise in our world. A lovely lyrical piece :-)

  11. Even when we are completely alone and introspective, Eileen, we find that our thoughts flit away into the greater beyond outside our own zone of safety. I think you've captured that feeling well in your poem that shows that inward looking revealing the world without...


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