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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Solitude's Soliloquy....

Loneliness is an outpost endured,
Alone in isolation bereft of friends.
A far flung niche deserted in tundra,
Or lost in the coldness of city living.
It shrouds demeanour and self-belief,
Belonging is seemingly for all others.
Unattached except for wishful dreaming,
Solitude does not placate a lonely mind.
Seclusion is at times a necessity of desire,
Its calmness affords tranquillity to muse.
Reflections gaze and ponder their silences,
In this solitudinous mode one draws breaths.   
A soliloquy considered in quiet contemplation,
This position sits well in the stillness of being.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 19/02/2015
Poetry Jam Prompt: Loneliness/ Solitude


  1. some cool lines in this that are almost koans themselves...

    Seclusion is at times a necessity of desire

    is just one of them. it made me stop and think. same with the line above it. there is an allure to that stillness of being as well, that is far from lonely.

  2. "A far flung niche deserted in tundra, / Or lost in the coldness of city living." We all know about feeling lonely in a crowd but I much prefer how you have juxtaposed the tundra and the city thus making us feel that wherever loneliness can be very painful.

  3. You have expressed many truths in this poem, Eileen. One of the lines I especially like is "In this solitudinous mode one draws breaths." So very true, it is in our times of solitude that we can gather our thoughts and make sense of them once again. Another one I like is "Solitude does not placate a lonely mind." - Indeed, if a person is lonely, to hear of all the beauties of solitude will not make that lonely person feel better.

  4. Touching and apt words. Yes, loneliness is all this and more :)

  5. "A far flung niche deserted in tundra, / Or lost in the coldness of city living."...perfect imagery for loneliness adding deep sadness to it and solitude is tranquility itself...so healing and creative...so well captivated Eileen...

  6. I can taste the stillness, the solitude in this, that need to reflect on the wonder of life. This has a serene emotion.

  7. The stillness of being. Beautifully composed. As a lover and cultivator of my own solitude, I loved this.

  8. luv the draught of breath there in lies beginnings

    much love...

  9. An inspired title. The ending note of "the stillness of being" - the perfect compliment. Betwixt start and finish: some wonderfully, thoughtful writing, Eileen.

  10. Solitude does not placate a lonely mind.
    Seclusion is at times a necessity of desire, I like these lines nice poem

  11. Lovely poem, Eileen. I like the contrasting of loneliness and solitude, but also the common space in between them. I loved the way you specified in vivid terms how one doesn't need to be in a tundra to be lonely, but could be even more so in a megalopolis (perhaps even more so!).


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