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Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Stillness of Silence....

In moments of sheer quietness you arrive,
To perhaps torture, taunt, tempt or bother.
A ramble of inner thoughts familiar to you,
Depressing and oppressing all directions.
In time, applying sensibility before actions,
Disappointments react with such great haste.
Apologies follow through the usual aftermath,
With dumbness a foolhardy notion can blind.
Simply in the peacefulness of your presence,
You can enamour, reward and bring pleasure.
Motivating mulled-over whys and wherefores,
Decisions contemplated in the midst of silence.
Your impact is pure treasure when love arrives,
Hushed eyes of seeing and hearts of sensing it.
Special moments per silentium and togetherness,
In stillness your visitation is both loved and loathed.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 12/02/2015
Poetry Jam Prompt: ‘Silence.’


  1. I can feel very mixed feelings in your poem, Eileen. Deep anxiety pervades your words but there seems to be a faint glint og hope that things might be sweeter.

  2. Hi Eileen--so beautifully done. I love the juxtapositions here---I think of how often I love and hate something at the same time--

  3. there are two sides to silence...one soft and the other sharp...
    and sometimes it all depends on the circumstances...
    it feels as if it is a memory that haunts a bit in that opening...

  4. Silence does have its dance of light and shade, sweetness and oddity. You've beautifully drawn the faces of silence Eileen...

  5. "Loved and loathed" - such strong opposites.

  6. Loved the way you used the contrasts in this almost like a Psalm, i could feel the hope within the despair. Very interesting and enlightening.

  7. Quite eerie. Otherworldly. Nice

  8. Silence can be lovely, and it can be so painful too... Nicely conveyed.

  9. Yes loved and loathed that is so true Eileen. Silence can be sweet and an utter heartache indeed. Hope all is well with you these days. :-)

  10. Silence is void when feelings are missing. The contrast here makes it alive on both counts! Warmness there is Eileen!


  11. You've tackled the duality of silence well, Eileen. Would we prefer a silence that encloses all from our beloved or quietly whispered words of love that may be disingenuous? Perhaps silence accompanied by a smile and wide open eyes that tell all?

  12. "Motivating mulled-over whys and wherefores," Loved that! As stated above, the duality of silence is well penned here.


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