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Monday, 29 June 2015

Crouching Evil....

Ideologies warped and adapted for perverted actions,
Flags flutter with words of hatred and worlds of threat.
Hidden within fallacies attached to a religious fervour,
This movement of terror laughs into our fearful faces.
Brandishing swords and spitting out venomous chants,
They wilfully degrade and devastate lives without mercy.
Restless in the presence of pleas towards understanding,
Populations humiliated and violated by depraved activities.
Generations forever impacted by this world-wide scourge,
Ethnic cleansing seeks to eradicate inherited traditions.
This vile righteousness contaminates individual opinions,
Promises of power and a richer afterlife attract gullibility.
Foot soldiers prowl desert sands and most city walkways,
This idealism detonates without warning its foreboding.
Droplets of blood trickle upon peaceful sandy beaches,
Evil crouches to devour the vulnerability of all innocence.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 29/06/2015


  1. I thought that was a lovely read.

  2. Flags flutter with words of hatred and worlds of threat.
    Hidden within fallacies attached to a religious fervour,

    These lines are so powerful and speak of a terrible truth.Our world is full of fanaticism.. people are so obsessed with religion that they have forgotten what humanity really is. If we could just learn to accept and respect each other; put aside our differences, then a lot of problems can be avoided. I hope that this will happen very soon! Amen.

    Beautifully executed!
    Lots of love,

  3. The tragedy of stolen minds and youths can be corrected.

  4. Sometimes it's really difficult to weigh things. Which is right? which is wrong? and the affected is most of the times the innocent who will follow their leaders...

  5. This is a frightening poem, Eileen; but it so well expresses what is happening in the world today. Evil is so rampant. The last line says it all!

  6. Crouching evil ... a haunting extended metaphor - thoughtfully and skillfully rendered, right up to - and including - the chilling, and achingly evocative, last line.

  7. I read your words and feel like weeping. It's hard to remember benevolence when evil is so rampant. But, we musn't lose hope.

  8. Ideologies--of religion and government--certainly degrade and devastate lives. "Righteousness" can often be the foundation for wrong, as you've detailed in this piece.

  9. very dark and so powerful...the poem reminds me of Yeats' "The Second Coming"...great lines Eileen...

  10. A powerful poem that really hit its mark....'This vile righteousness contaminates individual opinions'. Truth!


  11. I guess you are back from China :-)
    Lovely write

  12. Oh I think our minds went to the same events here.. devastating, and those flags seems to become important in spreading hatred.

  13. such a powerful piece of writing Eileen. Makes me weep--


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