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Monday, 15 February 2016

Axis of Boredom....

Scratching at the same surfaces
With the endless repetition of
The same beat and funk,
Stuck in a groove; the same groove.
Rebranded and repackaged as new,
But still the same old, same old chatter.
Wringing out inane details with intensity,
As audiences wait to devour those truths
Chat show dramatics and revelations,
Hosted between the heavens and beyond.
Mundane living clamours for attention,
The rises and falls are exposed at will;
Breaking-news breaks interrupt boredom.
That there is nothing to report causes worry,
Perhaps an actual happening can be mentioned.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 15/02/2016


  1. Yep. A truth-telling poem, Eileen, sardonically told.

  2. So very true! I think if a person watches the news for a while one sees it. So much is rebranded and repackaged...ho hum after a while.

  3. It's amazing how the web has given us even more minutiae to wade through to get to the important stuff, Eileen. Maybe it's the way they keep us from seeing the truth. If it's buried in an avalanche of 'crap' then we won't see what's happening.

  4. I feel this sometimes I want to scratch that record... somehow not everything bears repeating for ever.

  5. I have the "news" on in the background as we speak. What I would like to know is how humans are doing at various places on the planet - instead there is so much yakkity-yak about politics. Argh.

  6. That there is nothing to report causes worry,
    Perhaps an actual happening can be mentioned.

    That is true. Most times sensational items take precedence, more to cater for the ratings. The real news that matter were left aside as there were no money from them. This is a great ending Eileen. It ends with a suggestion for improvement!



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