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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

False Gods....

The glory days are to be revealed
Somewhere upon the next horizon,
Alongside tomorrow’s worn promises.
This unhealthy and unhappy world
Is down at the mouth and at heel,
Clinging to uprising after uprising;
Arabic discontentment and change,
Now fractured in total disharmony,
While rusting tin huts still house many
Outstanding hopes for Soweto’s people.
Rally cries craved betterment for all,
But life carries on in its fixed glories.
Mumbai’s opulence hurries past those
Dwelling upon fringes of pavements;
The riches fail to trickle beyond caring.
Northern Ireland has fought within
And beyond itself and its ambitions for
Too many wasted lifetimes;
All and simply everything and more,
Fails to satisfy unending demands
While daily threats still remain.
Worlds of martyrdom and witness
Urge and encourage daily revolutions,
Destabilising and fracturing territories
With old familiars of rhetoric spat out;
Same old messages return the same results.
Little changes for the victim in the street.
The mechanics of political ideology and the
Military might of the heavy handed,
Eventually are exposed as trending false gods.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 24/02/2016
Poets United Mid-Week Motif ~ Martyrdom/Witness ~


  1. how right you are Eileen...difficult to escape those tightened grips of false gods....sigh...

  2. Example after example is the proof, and this poem contains them all along with a challenge. It's time for truly radical change. I'm ready to witness it.

  3. This is such a powerfully written poem!!

  4. Whew. Considering the political atmosphere in my country and the world, your poem is right on Eileen. May we stop worshipping those false gods.

  5. You have described that chaos and unrest to perfection, Eileen. Sad those "so many wasted lifetimes" of discord.

  6. As an observer of the world for scores of years I think wee learnt very little as dominance and power and greed are always foremost on our minds. We think we have come a long way but that just not so for we are too selfish for that.

  7. A difficult topic indeed. Powerfully told.

  8. Such a powerful piece of writing --I wish it were different for those on the street and for all of us really

  9. Made me think of 'doing the same things and expecting a different result' - i wonder if we are designed for peace and harmony..i take hope in the fact that so many fight for it and give voice to it - another powerful and potent poem

  10. "False gods" truly describe all the wanton worship causing turmoil based on political and secular truisms in the world today

    Much love...

  11. Fal$e God$. In the end it's the multitude sacrificed for the comfort and entertainment of the few. Lovely piece.

  12. To keep our courage and our faith during all the trials that you have so vividly described is a living martyrdom!

  13. The mechanics of political ideology and the
    Military might of the heavy handed

    Might is right! All others do not matter somehow. Greed triumphs! Rightly said Eileen!


  14. We live in a sick and tired world, Eileen. I wonder where it will all end up? Another World War soon? It seems that the false gods we are worshipping are thirsty for more and more blood... Well-penned!


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