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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Star Gazing....

Profiles raised far beyond this
Earth’s usual grounding,
Placed upon invisible pedestals
Out of reach to most mere mortals;
Many facades of the human form
Aspire to reach up to dizzy heights,
Encouraged by tomorrow’s promise
Of immediate recognition and fame.
Face after face of infamous celebrities
Adorn tatty covers with lives exposed,
Truths and lies falling from newsprint,
As today’s stars enter a brave new world.
Collections of unfashionable habits and ways
Are urged upon those with impressionable minds,
Who seek to replicate that which is of the moment.
This new reality exists on a factitious notion of
Materialism being paramount, to being anyone;
While removing the individuality we seek to keep.
Soulless faces following their misguided dreams,
Nothing more than tacky ornaments in glass cases.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 10/02/2016
Poets United Mid-Week Motif ~ The Inanimate and The Non-Human


  1. I like the rhythm of this poem and the way it builds to those brilliant last lines

  2. I like the reference to invisible pedestals.....from which they inevitably fall. I enjoyed reading this, Eileen. And congrats on the beautiful new book!

  3. Truths and lies falling from newsprint,
    As today’s stars enter a brave new world.

    These lines striked me the most!
    Beautifully done.

    Lots of love,

  4. This is so true, Eileen. So many are just facades!

  5. The whole world is being manipulated to accept a subtle form of slavery where individuality is frowned on as obedient automatons are the desired consumers in this fragile world. Great post Eileen.

  6. I hear ya! It's all a cycle though. Really. thanks for the entertaining read!

  7. "...to replicate that which is of the moment."...a different kind of star gazing indeed...sigh...

  8. Yes..as i read all i could picture were the Kardashians and i hate that it filters into our minds even if we don't want it to..because they are exactly as you say - tacky ornaments..far better to shine for who we are..

  9. While removing the individuality we seek to keep.
    Soulless faces following their misguided dreams

    Celebrities and public figures are prompted by materialism that they are often led by desires created by those wanting to exploit them. Wonderful lines Eileen!


  10. I like the comparison of gazing at natural stars vs movie stars. It is sad when people become fixated on the lives of stars, try to imitate them instead of discerning about their own lives. Good write Eileen.

  11. I like how you connected the two 'stars', Eileen. One, beautifully infinite in nature, the other, infinitely tacky.

  12. Tatty and tacky Eileen....lovely sticky words...just right to describe them all....I love the profile heading pic!

  13. Powerful words, Eileen, very well expressed!

  14. so true! I think we need to look to the skies more often rather than the stars of this world.

  15. Excellent, Eileen! I liked the slow crescendo of this poem. Stars are elevated on pedestals, but they are rickety and as they are but glass ornaments, is it a wonder they break when they fall?


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