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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Year's End...

Once darkness falls into every corner
Daytime’s clarity is curtailed too soon
It’s easy to stumble while seeking solace
Peering outwards into winter’s starkness
Some know bereavement’s untimely pain
When it all seemed quite alien to festive fun
Years pass and we still recall those, we miss
As we gather to review life’s landscape
Remembering events of great happiness
Unable to believe how plans came and went
While seasons move along apace and renew
I like to regard December as a new bouquet
Bringing love and hope all bound together
Sunshine petals bringing a freshness of light
Mulled scents toast a Christmas celebration
Hugged by the warm embrace of being here
As we transition from this year to the next…

Eileen T O’Neill 18/12/2019


  1. Part of transitioning from one year to the next is to join in the great celebration. May yours be filled not only with mulled beverages, but also with love, joy, and peace!

  2. ". . . I like to regard December as a new bouquet . . . " How that gift brightens the corners of life. After the longest night, light returns.

  3. "I like to regard December as a new bouquet"
    What an absolutely beautiful line, wish i had written that


  4. So beautiful, Eileen! It is good to have hope and loving memories - and wishes for a good future for the young ones.

  5. I like the idea of December as a new bouquet. So often we think of it as the end....but your perspective gives December a hopeful note, as the seasons transition.

    Merry Christmas, Eileen!!

  6. I have to admit that considering December as a bouquet is difficult. Ice, snow, slippery roads and the cold... But it is a warming thought. Thank you, Eileen, for giving that image.

  7. Though the poem begins with a sombre note of looming darkness it nonetheless captivates the last month becoming the bouquet of joy and happiness. A lovely year ending.


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