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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Suitably Satisfied....

Daily bread sent as fulfilling words,
Crumbs of comfort suitably sustain.
Desire and support is kindly effected,
Benefits enhance the highs and lows.
Nourishment extends beyond the day,
Encouraging tomorrow’s inspiration.
Spiritual sustenance revives attitudes,
Seeing beyond future's gathering doubts.
Encouraging thoughts are gladly received,
Appreciation enjoyed in one’s satisfaction.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 29/01/2014
Poets United Mid-Week Motif: ‘Hunger’….


  1. So true, Eileen, that nourishment is needed beyond the day. Spiritual sustenance is very important, and all who seek WILL find.

  2. . . . man does not live by bread alone . . .

  3. I like this poem about feeding the internal hunger, "spiritual sustenance" that "revives attitudes". Great perspective, Eileen.

  4. seeing beyond the doubts...
    i have been on a bit of a journey spiritually the last couple days.
    my computer crashing probably helped
    but it made me realize things...and hear a few things
    i needed to hear...i have a good friend i need to appreciate
    a bit more...i am having dinner with him tonight to do just that.

  5. Such a bouquet of positive words start each couplet, each line and build to a sense in me that what comes to your narrator daily may arrive as a crumb, but multiplies many times its weigh into enough to feast the spirit! Fine feeling.

  6. A nice piece that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  7. human beings need to be nourished in several ways...bread is a vehicle that can lead to the others...

  8. Somedays one forgets gratitude for our daily bread.

  9. You address, with reverence and appreciation, so many human needs in this brief piece.

  10. There is a great sense of self containment and peace in these words..very uplifting

  11. Spiritual nourishment is something one should never take for granted. I love your piece!

  12. Hi Eileen, I saw you over at my friend, Talon's and wanted to pop in.

    Yes sometimes we can feel "future's gathering doubts" and are reminded to be grateful for this current moment and all we have. Nicely put here, thank you.

  13. Positive as well as practical thoughts.."Spiritual sustenance revives attitudes,"..nice line :-)

  14. Plainly when one is surrounded with positive thoughts the head begins to feel lighter. Refreshing responses will result most readily! Wonderful write Eileen!



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