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Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, now living in Cheshire, England. I started writing poetry eight years ago, as a hobby. I have enjoyed that new venture very much. My preferences are for long and micro-form poetry styles. A first book of poetry ~ Reason Without Rhyme, was published in December 2013. A second book ~ Fifty Seven Pebbles, was published in September 2015...I am presently compiling the content for my third book. Thank you for visiting my Blog which is regularly updated. COPYRIGHT: The entire copyright and content of this Blog belongs to the author Eileen T O'Neill. Nothing should be copied, reproduced or hosted as per RSS feed by any other party. {This particularly applies to the USA company Feedspot.com} Header Photograph: Ballycastle Beach, County Antrim, Northern Ireland...

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Good Fortune....

Life’s experiences afford much enlightenment,
Riches blended within early disappointments.
Character knocked into shape by being there,
Absorbing failures beset with usual anticipation.
Immune to any infrequent praiseworthy retorts,
Building upwards at a snail’s pace of progression.
No proud unravelling of a single graduating scroll.
Pathways of other opportunity, led some elsewhere,
Long and hard alternative options best suit other minds.
Mandatory ingredients are not required to bake a cake,
Rather, success is its acceptance and taste to the palate.
Flying high shakes the core of touching basic connections,
Losing touch with the ordinary, while blinded by blinkers.
One wishes to succeed without curtailing meaningfulness,
Fortune is best calculated by happiness and its earthiness.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 26/02/2014
Poets United Mid-Week Motif: ‘Success.’….

Sunday, 23 February 2014

An Absence....

During the missing being of your presence,
Memories then congregate and concentrate.
In mind they desire to give some sustenance,
Clinging into the depths of images and seeing.
Connecting with a silence while remembering,
Distance inevitably struggles to relay all detail.
Voices exchange sentiment without closeness,
Without your touch all rests in an isolated state.
In absentia separates opportunities in this time,
Sacrifices between here and there unite futures.
Togetherness is brimming with loving intentions,
Absence buoys temporal and distant separation.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 23/02/2014

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

False Gods....

Raised head and shoulders above the masses,
Praised top to bottom with unending applause.
Candied smiles and photogenic opportunity lead,
Words of promise teased with prospective futures.
Drooling liberally from tongues of sweet sickly floss,
Swallowed excitedly without hesitancy or questioning.
Simply you, me and the other flocks following blindly,
The word is gospel and the truth spoken with fervour.
Corridors of governance with tasteless undercurrents,
Misdemeanours and irregularity covered by cunningness.
Led by tainted leaders unsuited to the position of glory,
Dishonest polished personas residing in official chambers.
Dressed in suits of celebrity, eventually leading to nowhere,
False gods corrupt and destroy life when left unchallenged.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 19/02/2014
Poets United Mid-Week Motif: ‘Leaders &Leadership.’

Sunday, 16 February 2014


Weary wintery warmth lived under watery light,
Draws some comfort from the dawn of Sabbath.
The advent of this holy day adds a sparkle to hope,
Lethargy imagines the promise of its heart’s desire.
The familiar corner seat of sheltered contemplation,
Dreams beyond the routine unveiled each new day.
Revelations slowly revealed like good words of belief,
Hibernation enhances the seeds of new fermentation.
It is almost possible to ponder further than tomorrow,
Initiating deferred plans of well-being and preparedness.
Drawing back internal curtains and exposing one’s mind,
There is reward in the seasonal mystery of the Lord’s ways.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 16/02/2014

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Daily doses of sincerity held in hugs,
Meander through to where it beats.
Vestibules and ventricles of welcome,
Tendrils of tenderness caress and kiss.
Considerate ways always mean so much,
Bouquets of scented words tied in bows.
Flutters of heartiness grasp one’s breath,
Acts of kindness never cease their surprise.
Strengths of love rest comfortably in situ,
Hearts bonded by the most profound depths.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 12/02/2014
Poets United Midweek Motif: ‘Heart.’…

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Aspects of life held in a seasonal mooring,
Anchored to another renewed point in time.
Long-winded stormy days of lethargic doubt,
Shielded and sheltering within winter’s warmth.
Optimism takes a look upon the external views,
An emerging newness observed beyond confines.
Corners of darkness exude distinct shades of hope,
Earthy shoots push onwards to elate solemn moods.
Spring extols its growth with fresh floral coverings,
Rebirth of attitude invigorates that isolation of self.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 09/02/2014