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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Love Happy....

It snaps its strappy heels,
Clicks on nervous fingers.
Sings out of time in tunes,
Dances in pouring rain fall.
Smiles in lines of love words,
Slick, sickly romantic choruses
Tickled pinkish in hearty laughs,
Emotions ripple from top to tail.
Reflected in bright loving eyes,
Nothing else ever really matters.
Sharing crumbs of togetherness,
Precious snatches of night and day.
You and I are simply the only world,
Other love could never be so happy.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 17/08/2014


  1. a sweet love - the best kind no matter the type day it is...

  2. "Sharing crumbs of togetherness,"..defines happiness best..nice lines Eileen :)

  3. even crumbs of togetherness can be enough if the true love is there.

  4. It sounds like the perfect kind of love really. Sounds like there are many wonderful ties that keep the two happy and together in appreciation for what they have.

  5. beautifully written and full of love, captivating words

  6. What a lovely tune, Eileen T O’Neill :-)

  7. This is wonderful and a precious gift really

  8. The last two lines capture well what it feels like to be so in love that we are sure no one else in the world has ever had a love like this!

  9. Oh this is very heartwarming, lovely, and speaks to the hopeful heart that lives in me. I love happy love stories!

  10. *Tickled pinkish in hearty laughs*
    Love that line ...
    Lovely poem to the testimony of love ..
    Truly lovely, Eileen

    Many thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a wonderful day

    Take care and be well ...

  11. Love with finger snaps and heels! Ready to go out and have fun! What a fun personification!

  12. What a wonderful and beautiful ode to love :)

  13. Once one is with a loved one dear to one's heart nothing matters anymore. But it has to be experienced to believe. Those who do will know. Your write readily says so.Eileen! Wonderful write!


  14. Lovely images and sensory details, Eileen... I just love it!

  15. This made me happy. Reminded me of early days of my marriage when romance was so happy. I'm still happy and even after 46 years those moments still return. Hope you're happy too. Loved reading this.

  16. A beautiful love like that could only hold happiness in it's embrace. A lovely write Eileen as always. :-)


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