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Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Nature’s earthy place of heavenly contentment
Hearts souls and minds find a lifestyle balance
Simply for feeling the earth’s soil beneath feet
Floral perfumes tantalise artists' imaginations
As they seek to replicate the blooming vistas
Where even weeds can transform loneliness
Such magnificence forms a place of placidity
An earthly paradise marked by individuality…

Eileen T O’Neill 19/06/2019


  1. Nothing more serene, peaceful and fulfilling than tending a garden. Interesting how each garden reflects the personality of the gardener.

    1. I was just thinking that after reading this. I just got done reading all the poems for this week and they were all different depending. Lol! GMTA

  2. This is a beautiful poem cultivating balance.

  3. Gardens do bring about 'heavenly contentment'. So perfectly said. One of my neighbors has made their rooftop into such 'an earthly paradise'. Such a soothing sight for us. In my little space plants just happen on their own. Once I came back from a vacation to be surprised by a huge growth of tomatoes. Oh dear I couldn't believe my eyes and luck! Don't know how they came into being and sustained us.

  4. even weeds can transform loneliness- that is profound!

  5. Whata joy it is to have your own garden to have the flowers and vegetables beaming at you when you go to tend to them like new born babies!

  6. It was hard to compete wuth father, uncles and aunts in our own garden after we got married, but it was fun and we found that yes we could produce good crops of vegetables and beautiful flower gardens too!

  7. This is a lovely and tender piece. Love this line so much "even weeds can transform loneliness".

  8. With that "earth beneath" one's feet, "even weeds can transform loneliness." I love how you invoke the scene and the scent.

  9. Sherry said it all. So many gardens from so many minds! Now I feel silly and was thinking how gardens always smell so beautiful in these poems but in reality might smell like horse manure or compost rott. Lol! Hope you're having a nice Sunday.


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