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Wednesday, 6 November 2019


My mother had the loveliest pale blue eyes
Her rosy cheeks offered welcoming smiles
She was born a country girl with city living
Back in her early years’ life seemed tougher
From an early age I also absorbed her ethos
That today was built by yesterday’s efforts
And tomorrow’s future was a dream away
Piggy banks and biscuit tins saved for treats
Make-do was repaired and regularly shared
Respect and values were taught by example
Truth and honesty were her ways to live life
Her down to earth nature remains within me
Gifts remain through her special culinary skills
Mum’s own authentic chocolate mousse recipe…

Eileen T O’Neill 06/11/2019


  1. A worthy subject! I resonate particularly with this line: "Make-do was repaired and regularly shared." The entire poem is lovely, and that ending is luscious.

  2. A very sweet tribute indeed. "Respect and values were taught by example" Love this and of course the final line.

  3. How delightful.
    Happy Wednesday


  4. Touching words. Her genuineness & memories will last forever.
    I miss my mom.

  5. I am a proponent of the biscuit tin mentality ..coins add up. Loved this poem and your Mum's values... makes for a secure authentic life.

  6. Oh my heart this is lovely, Eileen!!❤️

  7. Your mother sounds so lovely.......in her day, people made do. Their wishes were not so extravagant, they seemed happier with what they had. Good things for all of us to emulate.

  8. I loved every line, Eileen. Your mum seems sort of like mine, I still remember some of her directives and recos. She was your opposite, 'born a city girl with country living.' A Corkhill blooded woman with near ancestors from Isle of Man.

  9. A beautiful tribute to your mum and how wonderful to step back in time and relive all these treasures

  10. Very nice tribute. That is what comes from parents raised in the Depression. Make do. I learned that from my mother. Like you, I miss my mother.

  11. Beautiful and also made me hungry. We should always strive to remember and pay tribute to the giants we have built upon.

  12. What an absolutely lovely reminiscence! And sparked some memories for me too.

  13. The incredible value of a grounded upbringing.. great tribute.


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