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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Guarding Memories....

Different dates may recall many old memories,
Some easily remembered or just long forgotten.
Affecting individual mindfulness or the wider world,
Images fade more quickly now than bleeding hearts.
Immediate impact gradually retreats into comfort.
The dust settles on the terror of the deadly actions,
Another zone transforms the battlefield for attention.
Technology invites interaction of the world’s audience,
Explosions and ripples of terror sanitize domestic viewers.
Beware of the garnering of despots and gathering clouds,
Words of hate quickly mushroom beyond horizons of hope.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 07/08/2014
Poets United Mid-Week Motif: Hiroshima….


  1. I felt this for a bit during the media bombardment of the Vietnam War--a saturation which numbed me to being attentive and empathetic--it may be a survival technique, but neglect and numbing has a high price. Your poem makes that very clear.

  2. So true that different dates trigger old memories & disturb our comfort zone. Whether it be Hiroshima or 9 / 11 /2001 or some other date. The effects still live on long after....sometimes in waves & sometime in ripples. Always good to see you, Eileen.

  3. The last two cautionary lines tell us what penalty we will pay if we retreat into comfort and let "The dust settles on the terror of the deadly actions,".. ...very well written Eileen

  4. So many things trigger our memories. A powerful write Eileen.

  5. We certainly forget the deafening sound of hatred.

  6. Beware of despots heavy as dark clouds...yes...indeed..we must always be guardians

  7. Well written, and very truthful in what happens to us. You can see the words of hate having built over 14 years of war starting to sprout in new ways. It is so sad.

    Also very good use of the key terms for the bomb in the poem. I found it very effective.

  8. Hello Eileen
    Your poetry I always read a few times as your poetry makes me feel the words you write.
    That last line ...
    'Words of hate quickly mushroom beyond horizons of hope'
    is very powerful ...

    Another wonderful writing ...
    Thank you.


  9. Beware of the garnering of despots and gathering clouds,
    Words of hate quickly mushroom beyond horizons of hope.

    I like your style Eileen! There is a finality or a punch-line at the ending to bring it to a firm conclusion. Great write!


  10. Memories, both pleasant and painful, stick with us for all eternity. Beautiful poem Eileen :)


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